Maximum Comfort

Our Lifestyle Vehicles® were designed with your comfort in mind and come with off-grid heating, air-conditioning and two convenient toilet options hidden inside custom-built storage benches. Whether you’re eating, sleeping, or just living, our spacious floor plans provide plenty of room to stretch.

Compliance Regulated

All of our Lifestyle Vehicles® are built in compliance with industry leaders and federal regulators, including Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Registering, financing, and insuring our vehicles is a breeze.

Batteries & Solar

Our camper vans are fully off-grid capable and come with lithium battery banks up to 400ah. From the fridge to the cooktop, nearly everything inside runs off electric—which means you’ll never be tethered to an RV park. And with 320 watts of solar power, the batteries can even charge when your van is running.

One-Year Warranty

We’re extremely confident in our craftsmanship, which is why we offer a one-year warranty on all of our new Lifestyle Vehicles®. (And did we mention RAM ProMasters come with an extended 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty?) Our commitment to quality service means you’ll have the resources you need before, during, and after your journey.



Our most economical lifestyle vehicle. The LV3 design prioritzes efficent utilization of space to ensure high functionality at a reasonable price for any adventure in your life.

STARTING AT $115,434
Financing Available Starting at $697/mo

  • RAM ProMaster 136” Wheelbase
  • 353 cubic feet Single storage bench
  • Lofted short queen mattress
  • Two front swivel seats


Our mid-sized lifestyle vehicle is built on a longer wheelbase to create additional living and storage space. The LV5.1 maximizes living space with a side to side bed.

STARTING AT $121,544
Financing Available Starting at $769/mo

  • RAM ProMaster 159” Wheelbase
  • 420 cubic feet
  • Single storage bench/dinette seating
  • Queen or Full mattress options
  • Two front swivel seats


The LV7 features the largest interior in our fleet. The extended body provides our most spacious living area and maximizes available storage to accommodate all your adventures.

STARTING AT $133,439
Financing Available Starting at $837/mo

  • RAM ProMaster 159” Ext. Wheelbase
  • 463 cubic feet
  • Dinette seating
  • Full mattress lofted bed
  • Two front swivel seats
  • Upgraded suspension and braking

Our core values

Built To Last

Our Lifestyle Vehicles® are designed, built and sold in Colorado by the team at DM Vans.  We apply our experience living the van life to designing reliable RVs that get people into the outdoors quickly, reliably, and with everything they need for their adventure.

A core tenet of van living is that your vehicle needs to be reliable. We apply that same thinking when designing our Lifestyle Vehicles for a wide range of use, from full-on van life to the weekend warrior

We know many of our clients won’t live in their LVs, but we ensure the can withstand anything you throw at them through our material choices, build processes, and rigorous stress-testing.

Thoughtful & Intentional Design

Having lived the nomadic lifestyle, we’ve put in the time (and mileage) to know what works. Every choice we make in our design process stems from this experience, culminating in Lifestyle Vehicles that work smarter, not harder

We chose the RAM ProMaster platform for our LVs. It offers best-in-class capacity, which allows us to maximize storage (and you) space

Every interface is designed with easy access in mind – power controls, USB ports, multi-functional seating, and a sink faucet that doubles as a shower head

Trusted Educators

Knowledge is only valuable if it’s passed on, so in addition to building our combined expertise into our LVs, we freely share what we’ve learned out on the road to enrich the lives and experiences of our community. It’s not about the ‘van life’, it’s about your life and the road you travel, and we’re here to make it better for everyone.

Our educational content series around different aspects of van life shows the ins and outs of the lifestyle and sheds light on crucial topics like DE&I, and strategies for urban living.

The DM Vans YouTube channel is rich in content on not only the Lifestyle Vehicles, but tips, tricks, and profiles of unique van lifers.


We’re all about building high-quality vans that are both comfortable and functional.

Our lifestyle vehicles are fitted with all the essentials, including: 

  • All-electric kitchenette
  • Kitchen storage cabinets
  • Dual roof ventilation
  • Three-layer flooring
  • Zone cabin lighting
  • Essential power system
  • Gear Hitch
  • Drop-in storage system


Because we are truly confident in our dedication to the quality of our vehicles, we offer a one-year warranty on our craftsmanship. Our commitment to customer service means you can trust that you have all of the resources and knowledge needed before, during and after your journey.


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