Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about the products from our van upfitters in Colorado, we have answers. And if you don’t find what you need, just reach out to the DM Vans team!


Yes! Our tried-and-true camper vans are built on three different sized RAM ProMaster Chassis: the 136″, 159″, and 159″ extended wheelbases. We work exclusively with custom RAM ProMasters at our Colorado van upfitting company as we feel they offer the best bang for the buck among the various vans available on the market.

All of our vans are built on a Front Wheel Drive RAM ProMaster chassis, which puts all of the weight directly over the front wheels giving you more traction. We have found these vehicles to be incredibly capable moving around a broad variety of terrain.

The height and width of our vans does not vary by van size. The height is just under 10 ft with fan vents closed and the width of the van (not including mirrors) is 6 ft 8.3 in.

The overall length of the van varies by model as follows: 

136″ Wheelbase

159″ Wheelbase

159″ Extended Wheelbase

17 ft 9.2 in

19 ft 8.2 in

20 ft 10.6 in

Currently, RAM only offers the ProMaster with a gasoline engine.

The ProMaster has a 24 US Gallon tank.

There are many factors that influence average MPG and RAM makes no official MPG claims. However, we have observed that MPG ranges between 13 – 20 mpg on the highway. The total van range with a full tank of gas is between 312-480 miles. These estimates may be inaccurate under extreme payload and driving conditions.

Yes, although you can manually select the gears for more control, if desired.

Yes! All custom RAM ProMaster vans from our Colorado upfitters are equipped with a reverse camera located above the rear doors for excellent visibility.

All of the 2022 & later LV Series vans will feature cruise control.



Yes! We work with industry leading banks to make the buying process easy! Check out our FINANCE, INSURANCE, AND REGISTRATION FAQS for more information! 

The price of your build is dependent on the model that you select. You can see prices and compare optional upgrades HERE. We pride ourselves on making van life accessible, with a standard model that provides everything you need and nothing you don’t at a price you can afford. Live more, spend less!

Please check our CURRENT INVENTORY for the most up to date information of what we have available. 

Yes, but please note, we may not have a van available for display at our shop at all times for unscheduled walk-ins. If you are interested in scheduling a visit or seeing our vans, please reach out to our sales team at to help our staff of van upfitters in Colorado provide you with the best experience!

Yes! We are proud to offer our owner’s the assurances that come with purchasing from a member of RVIA. Frequent inspections, required as a condition of membership, ensure the highest standards and safety.

Yes! We put a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on all of our work against defective workmanship. This warranty does not cover third party products themselves. However, many of our third party items in our vans like the fans and the refrigerators have their own warranties that our service team can help to troubleshoot or get you in touch with those third party customer service teams. Customers should inspect the resulting work product at time of receipt and notify Dave & Matt Vans if any alleged defect(s) exist. If anything we created and/or installed stops working, rattles loose and/or breaks, particularly within the first year of purchase, we will try to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

No. Dave and Matt Vans sources new vans from the RAM factory that are used for our LV models. Purchasing an LV from Dave & Matt Van assures the highest quality for our owners and allows flexible finance options.


Interior Features

That depends! Our Essential Power System includes two batteries, one solar panel, shore power hook-up, outlets and charging ports, and an inverter. The system is built to support many lifestyles, however, there are situations where an upgraded electrical system would be beneficial. 

You may benefit from upgrading to our Power Boost or Power Boost + system if:

  • You live in an area with less direct sunlight due to frequent cloud cover or high latitudes (e.g. Pacific Northwest)

  • You don’t plan on using shore power / prefer boondocking where there are no power hookups

  • You plan to work remotely from your van

  • You run additional appliances (e.g. blender, Instant Pot, hair drier, toaster, portable AC unit)

  • You feel the peace of mind of extra power is worth the upgrade cost

If most of the characteristics above don’t apply to you then the Essential Power System should cover your needs!

The sink system in our All-Electric Kitchenette is fully self-contained and features an electric pump, faucet with an extendable hose, a deep sink, a 7-gallon fresh water tank, and a 7-gallon gray water tank.

There are three ways our Essential Power System is designed to charge the house batteries in our vans:

  1. Solar panels and the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller provide continuous, clean, and free charging whenever your panels are exposed to sunlight.

  2. Running the engine sends power to a 50-amp DC to DC charger for a big boost while driving.

  3. A 30-amp shore power connection powers a converter which charges your batteries while plugged in.

Yes! All of our van interiors at our Colorado van upfitters come with an ultra-efficient 12 volt refrigerator that runs entirely off the house batteries. Our refrigerators feature a latching door, modular storage compartments, and a freezer compartment.

Yes! Our vans are insulated from the top down: ceiling, walls, doors, and floor. We use industry leading synthetic insulation that is specifically designed for automotive applications and offers impressive sound dampening. Space-efficient foam board insulation is installed in the floors to strike the perfect balance between headroom and thermal comfort.

No, but we include a single-burner induction cooktop in all of our vans. This stove draws its power from your house batteries, meaning you can safely prepare your meals both near to civilization and off-grid.

We use real wood in our builds; no flimsy plastic, particleboard, or fiberglass here! Cabinet grade Baltic birch is found throughout most of our build with high quality double-sided laminate to add durability and style. The ceiling uses solid tongue and groove boards and our Three-Layer Flooring System consists of insulation and a high quality vinyl roll permanently laminated to solid Baltic birch subfloor.  

Yes! All of our factory upgrades can also be added after delivery. For a full list of add-ons and prices, please contact our team using the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.  

Yes, we can! You can opt to add our Peak Heating System to your build. This system uses fuel directly from your van’s gasoline tank and is incredibly efficient, allowing the heater to operate for long durations at high output without running down the house batteries.

Yes, they can! We offer our Hideaway Cassette Toilet or Hideaway Composting Toilet that nests perfectly in our custom storage benches. We do not offer a wet bath in our vehicles to maximize space in the build, however, the kitchen faucet can be extended out the side window, creating an outdoor shower space that doesn’t compromise the living space in your van.

Our Lofted Beds come in two sizes. A short queen size memory foam mattress measuring 60 x 72 inches is standard on the LV3 and LV5. We also offer a standard full mattress that measures 75 x 54 inches, which is standard on the LV7 and available on the LV5.

We are developing a rear seat with two seatbelts for all of our vehicles. We plan to offer this upgrade late summer 2022. For additional sleeping space, we intentionally leave the space under our bed open for either storage or sleeping. There are also options to convert the front seats into a bed.

Our The custom RAM Promaster van interiors from our Colorado fitters feature a Dual Roof Ventilation System with one fan over the All-Electric Kitchenette and one fan over the Lofted Bed. The living area features two sliding side windows with screens, providing excellent airflow.

Finance, Insurance, & Registration

Yes! We work with industry leading banks to offer competitive rates right here at our dealership! With flexible terms up to 20 years, there is an option for everyone! Please use your discretion to evaluate which lender works best for your personal situation.

Our partners require at least 10% money down to finance our vehicles.

Rates depend on many factors including your credit history and current market conditions. We work with industry leading lenders to make sure that all of our owners receive a competitive rate.

Of course! If you would rather use your own bank, our LVs are fully certified, new, Class B RVs and any bank that typically does RV loans should be able to finance them.

Insuring your Lifestyle Vehicle should be easily accomplished through any agency that typically insures RVs but to make the process simple we have partnered with ROAMLY who offer hassle-free insurance plans for your Dave and Matt Van! 

To get a quote or find our more information please contact us using the link at the top of the page.

We will be preparing all of your registration paperwork for you. In addition, we will provide you a temporary license plate and temporary registration when you pick up or transport your van. 

Information we will need includes your physical address being used for registration, lienholder information (if applicable), proof on insurance and a photocopy of each buyer’s valid Driver’s License.